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Two-year-old Colton Janeliunas of Frankfort was diagnosed with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, a rare disease that impairs development and causes seizures, and affects only hundreds of people. Colton has three older siblings: Abbey, Colby and Cassidy. Photos submitted
Members of the Janeliunas family (from left to right) mother Shannon, son Colton and father Bob attend one of Colton’s regular a doctor’s appointment. The family was recent beneficiaries of the nonprofit One for the Kids’ March 11 fundraiser.
Ryan Esguerra, Freelance Reporter
2:01 pm CDT March 13, 2017

Often we are defined by the challenges that we face.

For Frankfort resident  Shannon Janeliunas and her husband Bob, their defining moment came in November 2015, when their then barely one-year-old son Colton was diagnosed with Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome, a rare disease that has as few as 700 reported cases worldwide.

“Colton was our miracle child; he was not planned,” Janeliunas said of her son. “The pregnancy was normal and good, and both he and I were doing well throughout.”