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Michelle Cedeno rallies for LGBTQ rights Sunday, June 11, during the Equality March for Unity and Pride at Breidert Green. Photos by Geoff Stellfox/22nd Century Media
Jim and Glenda Walker carry homemade signs during the event, organized by the Southwest Suburban Activists.
Attendees (left to right) Melissa, Michelle and Lee Hadley listen to speakers. The event ended with a moment of silence for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, the deadliest in American history, which occurred June 12, 2016.
Katie (left) and Casie Campbell march hand-in-hand for LGBTQ rights Sunday, June 11, during an event at Breidert Green.
Megan Goldman follows her son, Malachi, during the march and rally.
Megann Horstead, Freelance Reporter
1:41 pm CDT June 12, 2017
Nearly a year after Orlando’s Pulse nightclub attack that shook the LGBTQ community, a crowd of supporters in Frankfort marched and rallied Sunday, June 11, for unity and equality.