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From the Editor

From the Editorial Intern: An Orland Parker covering Frankfort

by Kyle LaHucik, Editorial Intern Opinion, From the Editor

Hello, Frankfort, I’m Kyle, the summer intern for The Station.

For the next two months, I will be doing my best to provide you the best possible version of The Station. Some of my roles will include writing, covering stories of...

From the editor: Unsolicited advice for 2017 grads

by Kirsten Onsgard, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Class of 2017: congratulations, you’ve made it.

Judging by the few dozen East students I’ve spoken with since joining The Station, you’re well-equipped for the world. You have dreams, ambition, maturity, strength, spirit and tenacity. You...

From the Publisher: Your continued support keeps The Station free

by Joe Coughlin, Publisher Opinion, From the Editor

A common question we get is: “How can you send a free weekly newspaper like this?” Some even add the follow-up: “When are we going to have to pay?”

The easy answers are: “Your support.” And: “Never, if the first answer holds strong.”