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‘Good food, great service’ key to George’s successful 27-year run

by Abhinanda Datta, Assistant Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

After spending over four decades in the food business, George Kollintzas has mastered the key to running a successful restaurant.

“Good food, clean place and great service — these are my secret ingredients,” George said.

The eatery,...

Relentless innovation drives Siam Marina but favorites persist

by Bill Jones, Managing Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

As Siam Marina co-owner Tammy Pham hustles behind the bar alongside her husband and co-owner, Sam Chung, on a November evening during a Fall Harvest cocktail tasting, customers continually swing by to address her by name and thank her for their...

A look at the area’s most notable hot cocktails

by Bill Jones, Managing Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

It is a fallacy beloved by Chicago Bears tailgaters that alcohol warms the body to battle the frigid city temperatures during those crucial games late in the season. Just the opposite: While alcohol will make you think you’re warmer, it does not...