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Treats, not trends: Cupcake creativity still strong in SW burbs

by Bill Jones, Managing Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

People love to talk about trends in food.

Cupcakes were the next big thing, and then (depending on who you ask) cupcake shops were overbaked and ready to be tossed by the early 2010s. Some would argue they saw a resurgence near the end of...

Fat Rosie’s continues to grow from Frankfort roots

by Nuria Mathog, Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out

At Fat Rosie’s Taco & Tequila Bar in Frankfort, the vibe is fun, vibrant and colorful.  

The main dining area is full of surprises. Multiple saddles hang from the rafters, and a skeleton in a sombrero greets customers near the grills....

Now on special: The Dish’s 2019 best

by Bill Jones, Managing Editor Life & Arts, Dining Out


They can be a gift and a curse all the same. They present an opportunity for chefs to deviate from their core menus and tap into their creativity, with fresh, seasonal ingredients or timely themes leading the way. But they also...