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“A girlfriend trip of a lifetime. Nine years in the planning.” Submitted by Judy Pyne
“Sometimes the best part of the trip is getting to the trip. My husband and I were headed to Crested Butte, Colorado, for the week. This little red Jeep just kept begging to be my muse as we traveled a winding road along a mountain stream. When the University Peaks came into view, I knew my background was finally right for the quintessential Colorado road trip picture.” Submitted by Michelle Sommer
“The first picture is from visiting my father-in-law in Blue Ridge, Ga., and we took a nice drive and found this beautiful river. I took this picture of them and I love it because it’s three generations enjoying nature at its finest!” Submitted by Beverly Catalano
“This is from our recent trip to Morocco. This is in the high dunes of the Sahara desert.” Submitted by Ira And Carol Hanan
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11:54 am CDT May 17, 2018

Here are a selection of our Frankfort finalists in 22nd Century Media's vacation photo contest: