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Pet of The Week: Puddin

December 4, 2018 Community

From Lulu’s Locker Rescue

Puddin is a 2-year-old female spotted tabby shorthair. She has a striking personality, just like her markings, and enjoys displaying her prowess. She gets along well with other cats and enjoys...

Sink’s Shots: Sunflowers

News, Community

Frankfort resident Dale Sink took this photograph on the Hickory Creek bike trail. 

“The prairie around it was filled with these beautiful flowers,” he said. “My wife tells me they are autumn sunflowers — much smaller than regular sun...

Photo Op: Hawk

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This week’s Photo Op comes from Frankfort resident Bill Boyles and features a hawk on his clothes line waiting for a bird to appear. 

Have you captured something unique, interesting, beautiful or just plain fun on camera? Submit a photo for...

Sink’s Shots: Caterpillars

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Frankfort resident Dale Sink snapped this image during a walk on the Hickory Creek bike trail. 

“It’s a weird group of caterpillars on a plant as they seemingly go through one of their developmental processes,” he wrote. “I’ve never seen...

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