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Pet of The Week: Puddin

December 4, 2018 Community

From Lulu’s Locker Rescue

Puddin is a 2-year-old female spotted tabby shorthair. She has a striking personality, just like her markings, and enjoys displaying her prowess. She gets along well with other cats and enjoys...

Pet of the Week: Chase

News, Community

This is Chase. He is 8 weeks old and already a troublemaker. He lives with his owners Apryl and Tony and his cat brother Max. He loves chewing on his favorite rope toy and howling all through the night. Don’t let his angry eyebrows...

Sink's Shots: Possum

News, Community

Frankfort resident Dale Sink snapped this shot of a possum eating the sunflower seeds the birds had pushed out of the feeder.

Dale Sink is a Frankfort resident who enjoys photography and regularly submits photos to The Station. 


Photo Op: Squirrel and birdhouse

News, Community

This week’s Photo Op comes from Frankfort resident Bill Boyles and features a squirrel taking over his birdhouse.

Have you captured something unique, interesting, beautiful or just plain fun on camera? Submit a photo for “Photo Op” by...

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