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Linda Bulthuis, of Orland Park, dances with her granddaughter Addison Borgman, of Tinley Park, on Friday, June 8, during the ScribbleMonster concert at Friday on the Green. The inaugural event of the annual summer series, which is typically held at Breidert Green, was moved indoors to the Frankfort Public Library because of weather. Photos by Rochelle McAuliffe/22nd Century Media
Scribble Jim and Jan of ScribbleMonster – also known as Jim Dague and Jayne Saniat – incorporate books into their songs to get children moving and interested in reading.
Sienna Kenny, of Frankfort, watches Scribblemonster's performance intently.
Scribble Jim, also known as Jim Dague, gets parents and children singing and dancing with his music.
Frankfort's summer Fridays on the Green series kicks off
12:59 pm CDT June 13, 2018

The first Friday on the Green concert, held Friday, June 8, featured a performance from ScribbleMonster.