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From the Editor

From the Editor: Celebrating local businesses old and new

by Nuria Mathog, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

In this week's issue of The Frankfort Station, we profiled three local businesses at two different stages of their journey: one that just reached its 50th anniversary and two that recently opened their doors. 

The Phillips Chevrolet...

From the Assistant Editor: Missing out while on our phones

by Amanda Villiger, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Modern technology provides us all with great tools. I use some form of it every single day both at work and at home.

But how much is too much?

This past week I’ve been noticing, more than usual, how much people are on their phones....

From the Editor: Library project a unique look at community

by Nuria Mathog, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

If a picture tells a thousand words, a collection of artwork surely contains enough stories to fill a library.

That's the concept behind the Frankfort Public Library District's Self-Portrait Project, which invites Frankfort residents to...