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From the Editor: A winter full of activities

by Nuria Mathog, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I'll be the first to admit, when the ground outside is blanketed in snow and the thermometer is recording sub-freezing temperatures, it's awfully tempting to stay instead with a blanket, a good book and a nice cup of hot cocoa.


From the Editor: An outstanding achievement

by Nuria Mathog, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

A hearty round of congratulations is in order for the Lincoln-Way Marching Band.

It has been a pleasure to cover the band's journey throughout the past few months and watch the well-deserved awards and accolades roll in. The LWMB's latest...

From the Assistant Editor: Looking back and looking forward

by Megan Schuller, Assistant Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I began this year as a regular freelance reporter for The Mokena Messenger, The Frankfort Station and The New Lenox Patriot covering meetings and events. In late November I became the assistant editor for these papers, deepening my connection to...