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Lincoln-Way East student Anmarie D’Ortenzio (right) embraces Frankfort resident Leyla Eames on June 16 during the production of “Mi Estrella” — a play D’Ortenzio wrote, produced, choreographed and directed — at Lincoln-Way Central. MARY COMPTON/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Frankfort resident Kylie Steinhauser, the youngest cast member in “Mi Estrella” — a play written, produced, choreographed and directed by Lincoln-Way East student Anmarie D’Ortenzio — performs a dance number during a scene in the production, which debuted July 16 at Lincoln-Way Central.
Andy Draus (right), of Mokena, embraces his character’s daughter, played by Leyla Eames of Frankfort.
Mary Compton, Freelance Reporter
2:39 am CDT July 25, 2019

For the second time in just a few months, Frankfort resident Anmarie D’Ortenzio presented to the Lincoln-Way community an original play she wrote, directed, choregraphed and produced. 

The incoming senior at Lincoln-Way East has begun her journey to Broadway in Frankfort. Her latest production, “Mi Estrella,” which debuted July 16, at the Lincoln-Way Central small theater, had a political story behind it.

“My first show, I didn’t make much of a statement,” D’Ortenzio said. “This show is making a political statement in an understated way.”