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Ashlyn Gwozdz gives attention to Mikey at Cache Creek Animal Rescue. The 14-year-old Lincoln-Way East freshman dedicates most of her free time to helping animals. Photos by T.J. Kremer III/22nd Century Media
Mokena resident Ashlyn Gwozdz holds Rex at Cache Creek Animal Rescue where she volunteers multiple days a week.
TJ Kremer III, Contributing Editor
2:45 am CDT September 13, 2019

Sixty-seven percent of American households have pets, according to a 2019-2020 survey conducted by American Pet Products Association. That equates to about 85 million households.

So, it’s a safe conclusion to say we love animals.

And, while 67 percent is a large chunk of people who would likely agree with that statement, far fewer would likely say they are actively involved in caring for animals that are not their own by, say, volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Ashlyn Gwozdz can be counted among those who can make that claim.