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Indian Trail students Oliva Contaldi (left) and Cohen Phillips show off a project they worked on during the school’s science club. Photos submitted
Jackson Oliver (left) and Evan Stewart (middle) show Indian School teacher Joe Renardo the strength of polymers.
Submitted by Indian Trail School
1:08 pm CDT October 24, 2018

Science club members at Indian Trail School were left in amazement after learning about polymers using a plastic bag and pencils. Students were able to work hands on learning about science in a fun and interesting way.  Students were so amazed by their science skills that they had to share with teacher Joe Renardo, who sat bravely under a Ziploc bag filled with water as science club members pushed sharp pencils through the bag to show him the true power of polymers. It was a fun and exciting day for the science club members and for Renardo.