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Sue Wolf, the recently inducted president of the Frankfort Lions Club, holds a sign for a 2014 social media campaign the Lions conducted. Margaret Farina/Frankfort Lions Club
Sue Wolf (third from right) participates in The Frankfort Lions Club’s 2013 Turkey Day Food Drive. Photo courtesy of The Frankfort Lions Club
Rebecca Susmarski, Editor
6:31 am CDT July 2, 2015

When Sue Wolf  watched members of the Frankfort Lions Club convene around town many years ago, she knew she wanted to be a part of the then-all male service group, but she never imagined she would be leading it one day.
Wolf, a Frankfort resident, was officially inducted as the Lions’ president at the community service organization’s June meeting, after former president Steve Juveland stepped down after serving one two-year term. Wolf, who has been a Lion for eight years, is the first female president of the Lions in the club’s 74-year history.