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Lukas Chmura, 5, of Frankfort, has his eye on the target Thursday, June 28, during a beginner golf camp at Commissioners Park hosted by Skyhawks Golf. Photos by Julie McMann/22nd Century Media
Mellie Zaba, 5, of Frankfort, lays out a target to practice her putting skills.
Maximilian Zaba, 7, of Frankfort, has a surprised look on his face after he hit the target two times in a row.
Participants at the camp included coach Eslam Abu’Rezeq (left to right), Maximilian Zaba, Lukas Chmura, Ava Hurst, Mellie Zaba, Luca McGlynn and Sophia Chandler.
Photos: Frankfort children take on beginner golf camp
11:14 am CDT July 6, 2018